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Local products of Santorini
Santorini products

The unique volcanic land of Santorini and its perfect climate lead to the production of high quality products. However, the island is famous for its vineyards with a great history lost in the depths of time. The volcanic activity has made soil very fertile and as a result the agriculture of Santorini developed rapidly and became well-know all over the world.

Information about the local products of Santorini

The products of Santorini are of excellent quality but are produced in small quantities. The island specialized in wine and huge areas of vines can be seen in teh island. Their branches are put in a way that makes them look like a basket. This way protects the wine trees from the high winds of the Cyclades.

Other agricultural products on which Santorini, Greece is specialised in are: the fava, a vegetable that looks smaller than a pea, a type of cherry tomato that only grows on Santorini which is the result of the lack of water and, finaly, the kapari, a vegetable of the size of a pea which is used in the famous Greek Salad.The island of Santorini also produces a cheese made from goat's milk which is called chloro. Due to the volcanic past of the island, Santorini also sales products related to the lava such as the pumice stone.

As one of the most popular islands in Greece, Santorini proposes a great variety of restaurants of taverns. The best advice we can give concerning the Greek food is to stay away from the commercial restaurants which proposes a more European cuisine and try to find a traditional family tavern where the food is of better quality and much cheaper. In Santorini, the food specialty is the tomatokeftedes, a sort of tomatoes balls. The wide variety of Santorini products offers visitors many ideas for food, sweets and gifts.

Wine and Wineries

Santorini specializes in wine production and is highly appreciated all over the world. The wine of Santorini is always made in a traditional way. The wines are stored in the traditional kanaves (cellars).

It is a strong and tasty wine. There are of three kinds:

    Brusko: Red / dry / strong
    Nichteri: White / dry / strong
    Vissando: Red / sweet / extremely strong (reminds the liqueur)