In our store at Athinios port in Santorini across the gates B1,B2,B3 on the only small street are also available interesting gifts and traditional artifact replicas for your home or loved ones.
All items are of the highest quality and carry their own special symbolism as a part of traditional Greek history.

Items available


Exquisite hand crafted collections
Bronze or ceramic
Exact museum replicas
Cycladic style
Hellenistic period

Byzantine art, framed with sterling silver or wood
Exact replicas from specific time periods.

Santorini wall paintings from the ancient Akrotiri (untouched)
Replicas with the same technique in the form of painting on wood-available in different dimensions.

Replicas from Cycladic art and Hellenistic period.

Shipping available internationally, all year round.
 *Most items available are easy to carry, but international shipping is also available for larger items.